nicotine juice for beginners.

Stay away from the menace of nicotine

Nicotine juice is a perfect replacement for smokers. Smokers get habituated to a particular flavour since most of them have a certain brand of cigarette. If you need to stop or discontinue smoking altogether, you need to replace it with something similar in flavour. Nicotine juice is available in a variety of flavors. You are mostly like to get nicotine juice in the cigarette flavor that you have become used to. You need to search a lot for the perfect flavor that you need. However, you can also go through the reviews of various nicotine juice brands. There are various brands of nicotine juice. Many of these brands have a humongous collection of flavors. You are most likely to get your favourite flavour from there. However, if you are just a beginner, you must only get the nicotine juice for beginners.

Nicotine juice ingredients

Users in general and beginners, in particular, should be aware of the composition of nicotine juice. Flavour and nicotine of particular strength are the two primary ingredients of nicotine juice. Apart from this, there are two things – propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Vegetable glycerine produces a smooth vapour and does not cause any irritation. On the other hand, propylene glycol helps in holding the flavour and packs the punch that some smokers so desire to have. Different brands contain these ingredients in varying proportions and thereby produce varying effects on the smoker.

The flavour

Apart from the strength, the other important criterion for choosing nicotine juice is the flavour. You need to have a good idea about the flavor of various nicotine juice products. However, it may be a good idea to start with the flavor that you have left. It would be while smoking the last few cigarettes. This will give you a head start in using the product. The purpose of using nicotine juice is to wean off the smoker from a cigarette. If the flavor does not tickle your senses. You are likely to fall back upon cigarettes. So you need to choose the flavor first and then the strength of the nicotine juice.

The strength

Once you have chosen the flavor, you need to pick up the strength. Brands usually supply a chart detailing the strength of specific liquids manufactured by them. Yet, it is useful to have an idea of various nicotine strengths. Especially if you are selecting Nicotine juice for beginners. Let us go through a generalized chart for nicotine strength and their effect on the vap.

  • A 3.6% nicotine is usually considered to be the highest strength. This liquid packs a punch that some smokers do desire. If you are selecting Nicotine juice for beginners, this is not likely to be your choice.
  • A 2.4% nicotine strength is comparable to a full flavoured cigarette.
  • A 1.8% nicotine strength is comparable to a regular strength e-cigarette. This can be a good one for beginners if you are not habituated to higher strength.
  • A 1.6% strength imparts a light flavor.
  • A 0.6% strength nicotine juice is comparable to an ultra-light cigarette.
  • You can also get completely nicotine free flavours.