Read the reviews by Sleepy Foams before buying a mattress

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At, you get the best reviews on mattresses, beds, pillows, toppers and many foam products for kids and people who snore loudly while sleeping. If you are someone who is going to buy a mattress because you realize your mattress has seen better days, then before buying anything, do research by reading well-thought reviews on the mattress from numerous companies.

Why Sleepy Foams Website has the best reviews:

Best reviews are written by Sleepy Foams website. The reviews are done in specific order, everything is perfectly done. The mattresses are tested by their review process, which consists of several steps to solidify the claims made by its creators. They give an honest review when it comes to helping out people who are in need of mattresses, beds, pillows, toppers or anything that is related to foams.

Amazon’s LLC Associates Program Partners:

Out of many partners of Amazon’s LLC Associates Program, Sleepy Foams is one of them. Amazon gives a commission to the website every time someone buys a product by clicking on the link that the site has the product.

Process of reviewing mattresses:

Writing a review of a product may seem easy, but it is actually not. In order to write a review that is unbiased and legit, the product needs to be tested thoroughly. The reviews are done with perfection and by exhausting every process and are then posted on

Since the sites primary focus is on mattresses, the site has a thorough review process to test the claims made by its creators.

Testing process:

The mattress has to go through the following procedures to test its validity:

  • Mattress’s support on the edge
  • Smell of the mattress
  • Durability
  • Heat Retention
  • Motion Transfer and bounce of the mattress
  • Firmness and sinkage

Mattress’s support on the edge:

By just sitting on the edge of the mattress, the mattress’s support on the edge is tested.

Smell of the mattress:

By smell of the mattress is checked by sniffing it. And the time it takes to lose the smell is recorded, as well. Some mattresses have no smell at all.


The mattress’s durability is checked by testing the following parts:

  • Mattress’s layers
  • Fabrics
  • Zips
  • Quality of the material
  • Seams

Heat Retention:

To check the heat retention of the mattress, a thermal image camera is used. By laying on the mattress for a considerable amount of time, at a temperature of 64-degree Fahrenheit, it is checked that how much time does a mattress take in order to go back to the room temperature. Usually, it only takes more than 5 minutes, at maximum, it takes 10 minutes.

Firmness and sinkage:

Firmness and sinkage of mattresses are tested by putting a pressure of 130 pounds on the middle point of them. Usually, there is a sinkage of almost 7 inches.

Hence, before buying a mattress, visit, and read the best reviews on mattresses.