Personal finance is … personal

what is personal finance? It’s personal because everyone is different. Otherwise, it would be enough to have a budget like this for everyone, roll my chicken and no one has any worries. Except that … it’s not so simple. Since we are all different, it is therefore quite normal that we manage our finances differently. We even have a different view of money depending on the people.

It is out of the question to ignore this difference! Not only from a human point of view, our differences make us rich, but from a budgetary point of view, it would be suicidal. Forget your singularity, and you will see your efforts reduced to nothing! Try to wear stiletto shoes for someone who always wears sneakers constantly… it’s the same principle.

To create a system that works is tailor-made. Everything does not work for everyone. Something that works for me may not work for you.

I was talking earlier with a friend who has a slight tendency to draw his CB faster than his shadow. Especially if it’s about clothes. I think you can open a shop with everything you buy in a year. On the contrary, I am thinking about a “capsule wardrobe” project. I spoke very vaguely about it not so long ago. The idea is to think more with less, to think of his wardrobe so that the parts can be associated with each other easily and privilege quality instead of quantity.

You see, between him and me, a gap separates us (what I say, the totality of the oceans!), My budget could not suit him because it would be very quickly frustrated for the purchases of clothes.

Nobody lives the same way. Give € 2,000 to 10 people; nobody will send them the same way. Everyone has his projects, his vision of life, money …

I take an example of a divorced couple that I know well. Divorced, two children, € 2,000 each. So far so good. She has custody; he gives small alimony. Children grow up, school trips too. This type of expense is not included in child support (well, I do not know anything about it, I’m not married, I do not have children). The trip costs 80 €, 40 € each.
Father said he could not. That was too much. He even asked the judge to reconsider his support payments because he is in the red each month. It has € 1,000 of expenses, some loans, so in fact, it has € 700 to have fun and set aside each month.
And he cannot contribute to his son’s school trip.

Everyone sees noon at his door. My friend who loves clothes, I am rather minimalist (except for books), this father who spends so much that he forgets his children …

Not to mention, that each person also has different projects and so much the better! Whether it’s buying an apartment/house, going on a trip around the world, getting a luxury bag … All this makes every budget unique.

Or almost! Because there are still some immutable principles. Otherwise, I would have a hard time helping you anyway. Some small and big principles:
– reduce your expenses to the maximum (do we need to heat when we are not there?)
– automate your finances
– have a plan
– know his figures
– repaying debts
– to forgive oneself for mistakes