Do you still think that Facebook is used only for chatting and updating status? If yes, then you are not aware of the Facebook marketing tips. Facebook is considered to be the first marketing place on social media. Because of its popularity, it has 1.79 Billion active users.

Not only for users, Facebook has provided dozens of effective tools and options that a marketer can avail for his business. Facebook is a powerful tool for small business but at the beginning, it’s a little bit tricky for fresh starters. That why I have compiled all the best tips that would help you’re to promote your brand or product on Facebook much easier.

Here is the complete guide for the marketers:


  • Create a business Facebook

The first step to a business is to create a business page. You need to understand what things are needed when you make a business page. First thing is your bio. You should clearly mention all your details in the bio. Moreover, choose a suitable profile picture. You must keep in mind that your profile picture represents your brand.

The last thing comes the cover of your profile. Like your profile picture, you can upload a photo that shows about your brand or you can upload a contest picture whenever you are having a giveaway which we will discuss below.


  • Giveaway:

What happens when a blogger held a contest? Giveaways are pretty much exciting to people especially your followers. If you want to gain more followers and attention from the audience, then a giveaway is the right thing to do.


Giveaways drive traffic towards you and create exposure of your brand. You can do this thrice a year or as much as you want. The more you hold contests, the more followers you gain.


  • Call-to-action button on your cover:

If there’s no giveaway why waste such an enormous space. Utilize that space by adding call-to-action button. Its a significant part of your facebook page and you can encourage your audience to take action.

However, there are three types of call-to-action button. The first one is the Like CTA Button. This button clearly indicates that what your followers have to do. They have to simply click the button. This button is used when you want to gain more followers. The second is Follow CTA Button. This follow button is not same as the like button. It is used when your followers want your content to be on top of their newsfeed. The third one is Custom CTA Button. facebook also gives you an option to add Custom CTA Button. It gives a variety of options for CTA button. Once you have chosen the right CTA button for your audience, Facebook will tell you the rest of the steps that you need to follow.


  • Shooting videos

Videos are considered the most powerful tool when it comes to marketing. You can easily promote your brand with the help of a video.

Why is video considered to be the best option for visual content? Because of it entertaining, fast and easy to share. You can add some videos to your page to represent your brand. But the quality of video should be taken under concern because when the quality of your video is amazing, it gives a better impression towards the audience. Same goes for image content.


  • Go live

Facebook has now a new option where you can go live whenever and wherever you want to. Going live keeps your business profile alive. You can have sweet chat with your followers or you can review some of your upcoming products.

You can also have Questioned and Answer with your followers. It is a good thing to respond to your audience. Ask your followers to leave some questions for you to answer whenever you go live.


  • Original content:

When posting a content, make sure it’s real and not copied from any other page. Uploading original content gives a better impression and more audience drive towards it.

Also, make your content interesting and entertaining so that your page engagement rate can increase. This will allow you to have more subscribers and likes at the same time. When your content is liked by your followers, they like, comment and share your post with their friends. In this way, the chances of being noticed by a targeted audience will increase.


  • Connect with Instagram:

It’s very much important to have your page links to other social media apps like Instagram. Most of the people use Instagram, so make sure you have an account on it. Connecting with Instagram will increase engagement and more followers will know about your brand.

Instagram is also a platform for marketing and you can link your Instagram account on your facebook bio. The more you are linked to other social media, the more you are noticed by your audience. With Instagram, you can post visual content because Instagram is popular for visual content. Using hashtags along with your content will drive more traffic towards your business.